Gold Foundation

The Gold Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of humanism in medicine, restoring a balance between the science of medicine and compassionate, respectful patient care. The Foundation is a proponent of medical care that is as humanistic in its delivery as it is sophisticated in its technology to improve healing and healthcare outcomes. The Gold Foundation supports the development and dissemination of innovative medical education that furthers this mission.

“The Power of Compassion”: Gold Foundation in the Wall Street Journal

 Humanism in Medicine


The Gold Foundation criteria to advance humanistic patient care:

  • shows respect for the patient’s viewpoint
  • displays effective and empathetic communication and listening skills
  • demonstrates sensitivity in working with patients and family members of diverse cultural and social backgrounds;
  • is sensitive to and effectively identifies emotional and psychological concerns of patients and family members;
  • engenders trust and confidence;
  • adheres to professional and ethical standards; and
  • displays compassion and respect throughout the patient interaction.

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