2010/2011 Grantee: Hebrew Rehabilitation Center/BIDMC

“How do you have the conversation?” A Curriculum for Residents

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Rhodes-Kropf, MD

Overview: Modern medicine has expanded the range of possible treatments that can prolong life without necessarily providing a quality of life that may be acceptable to a patient and her family. The kinds of decisions that have to be made are especially difficult when the patient suffers from advanced dementia and cannot communicate for him or herself.  These are conversations that should always occur in the setting of advanced dementia and we strive to have these conversations led by the outpatient physician before moments of crisis. This project will develop a video and curriculum to teach residents how to discuss goals of care with family members of patients with dementia (Module I) and to develop a video and teaching module so that interns can better understand  what they can expect while they are helping  their patients to complete a living will (Module II). 

“How do you have the conversation?” Discussing goals of care with family members of patients with dementia.

Module to Educate Trainees about Care of Persons with Dementia

The Conversation Project: A medical student discusses her end of life wishes with her mother.


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