SUNY Upstate Medical Center: Learning To Talk (LTK)

Learning To Talk

This project builds on and enhances the established “Learning to Talk” program at SUNY Upstate Medical University with the addition of the Always Event(s) of “Discharge Guides”. “LTK” is a curriculum of twelve simulation-based training experiences for Upstate residents and fellows in the Department of Medicine to improve physician-patient communication skills. The project’s proposed objectives are stated below:

  • Objective one: build on an established curriculum of acute communication scenarios utilizing the feedback mechanisms of (l) video recording and (2) encounter checklist
  • Objective two: incorporate the Always Event(s) of “Discharge Guides” in the outpatient clinical setting and introduce accountability for completion of guides.
  • Objective three: Review and refine feedback methodology
  • Objective four: After piloting “Discharge Guides” in outpatient clinical setting, transitioning to inpatient floors.

Learning To Talk Cases



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